Moving Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Posted January 14, 2014 by
Chris Beck

Chris Beck

Moving into a dormitory can be a challenging transition for freshmen going off to a university for the first time. Used to ample space and all the amenities of home, students may find the dorm room so cramped that it is hard to fit the bare necessities, let alone the furniture and equipment that make an anonymous place seem inviting. Moreover, the move itself can be difficult, provoking last minute anxiety about being away from home and family. The following simple tips can help ease the stress of that first move, making it go smoothly for everyone involved.

Know the Accommodations Beforehand

All dorm rooms are not created equal. Single rooms may be scarcely bigger than closets; some rooms, especially in older buildings, may be spacious but oddly shaped. Knowing the size and dimensions of the room in advance allows students to plan what furnishings and accessories to bring with them.

Incoming freshmen will typically be able to check the university website to see what items are provided by university housing. Some schools have compact refrigerators and window treatments in every room; others do not even have bookcases. Once they know exactly what will be included in the room, students will know what items are absolutely necessary to make the room functional.

Coordinate with Assigned Roommates

Most colleges and universities give incoming freshmen information about their assigned roommates before they arrive on campus so that the students can exchange information about themselves. These preliminary introductions are a good time to find out what items each roommate is considering bringing. Such communication is essential in order to avoid having to make hard choices on moving day.

Take Time to Pack Carefully

Moving from one’s childhood home to a dorm room is an excellent time for students to take stock of their belongings and organize the clutter that has taken years to accumulate around the house. Photographs can be labeled and framed, and memorabilia can be sorted through. Large plastic containers make great boxes for moving clothing and small personal possessions because students can see the items inside them.

Students may consider renting a portable storage container they can leave in the family driveway for as long as it takes them to sort through and pack up their possessions or if you’re ready to get the show on the road another option would be some sort of moving truck if it’s within your budget. This is a great option for those traveling long distances not only because of the ease of transporting one’s belongings but also because leisurely packing ensures that students have time to remember everything they need.  Of course some students lack the finances to rent these things so in that case just hope that you have a lot of friends who are willing to help you.

Because dorm rooms have limited space, incoming freshmen really need to plan carefully. One can always acquire extra possessions later. But if students bring too many things to fit in the room comfortably, resentment may build between roommates, starting off the year on the wrong foot.

This article was written by Chris Beck who is the managing editor over at Internet.Verizon.Com. He is also a well published freelance writer in the tech and insurance verticals.  Originally from Asheville, NC, he graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina.

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