Top 5 Entry Level Marketing Jobs in 2014

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Smiling sales representative displaying a new tablet device

Smiling sales representative displaying a new tablet device. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

With the right educational training, you really don’t have to worry about the uncertain job market and the alarming redundancies you keep hearing about. As a fresh graduate, brimming with ideas and seeking a platform to showcase your abilities, you can find excellent entry level marketing jobs that pay well. Believe it or not with marketing degrees, as a fresh business graduate, you can even land an important position such as a marketing manager; a position which had a median annual salary of $119,480 in 2012.

With the dawn of 2014, here is a list of top 5 entry level marketing jobs to get you started:

1.  Sales Associates

Sales Associates are responsible for marketing a business’ products and services in an effective manner. Besides analyzing products and successfully advertising their features to potential customers, through phone or in one to one gatherings, sales associates are also responsible for setting up promotional displays and generally being in charge of the stock and store floor. According to, Sales associates earn an average of $30,000 per year as of 6 January 2014.

2.  Sales and Marketing Coordinators:

Sales and Marketing coordinators have a lot riding on their back. Not only do they have to generally coordinate with the entire marketing staff and offer all kinds of support to the department heads (in both internal and external marketing), their essential duties pertain to a large group of activities. They are responsible for events coordination, managing public relations (which comprise both internal and external media relations), assisting in formulating new proposals and presentations as well as providing all kinds of administrative support to the marketing department. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS), Sales and Marketing coordinators (sometimes also known as Sales Managers), had a mean annual wage of $119,980 in May 2012.

3.  Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts do all the research and surveys with an eventual goal of finding ways to increase company’s profitability. Marketing analysts may work under the supervision of senior level marketing managers and directors. Their main task is to study the general market conditions in local, regional, national and international areas to examine potential sales of a product or service. This research would help the company in catering more effectively to the customers’ needs by understanding what the products department requires, exactly who will buy them and what price they would be willing to pay. According to BLS, market research analysts earned a mean annual wage of $ 67,380 in May 2012.

4.  Business development representatives

A Business development representative position is great for fresh college graduates, seeking an entry level marketing job and wanting to test their entrepreneurial skills. Business development representatives are generally responsible for cross selling products to potential and existing customers in a bid to increase the company’s revenue. They are also responsible for maintaining good customer relations and handling all customer inquiries that might result from new marketing campaigns and advertisements.  According to, the average salary of business development representatives is around $51,000 as of 6 January 2014.

5.   Sales representatives

Sales representatives are responsible for working with customers; identifying their needs and helping them make sound buying decisions. They are also responsible for figuring out ways for effective shipment. Moreover, their duties also include attending trade shows, seminars and other marketing events. BLS states that sales representatives earned a median annual wage of $60,770 in May 2012.

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