6 Steps to Start Teaching Online

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Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

If you are getting bored by the conventional classroom methods, now is the time to explore your online opportunities and work your way towards becoming a virtual teacher. The number of students looking for tutoring and teaching help online is getting larger by the day, so this industry offers a great potential for you to reach your goals of spreading education and earn decent profits along the way.

If you already have practice in teaching and tutoring, you will easily blend into the online community. However, the great thing about online teaching is that you can also start as a newbie and be equally respected as the veterans in the industry. There are no boundaries to what you can achieve with online teaching – you only need to be good at it, explore your options and get updated with new online methods regularly.

To help you achieve quicker success as an online teacher, we are listing the 6 most useful tools that will provide a foundation for building your career.

1. TutorClass

If you don’t know where to start, TutorClass is the right destination. Start building your online teaching career by creating a tutor profile or your personal tutor website where you can attract students from all over the world. You will have your own virtual classroom that’s more inspiring and convenient than the conventional one. Your entire professional advancement can be based upon this website, which offers all tools you need for managing your lessons, students, and income.

2. Planboard

Once you have your profile set up on TutorClass, it’s time to start planning your time more effectively and get organized for free. This is an incredibly useful online tool specifically developed to help teachers organize their lessons and get smoothly through every busy day. Planboard is the quickest and easiest way to create weekly schedules and overview your working days.

3. Prezi

After getting yourself organized and attracting more students at TutorClass, you should start thinking of ways to make your lectures more interesting. Keep in mind that the online educational industry is a very competitive environment and you won’t make your way among the best tutors if you don’t enrich your lectures with inspiring presentations that will bring all concepts closer to your students. Prezi enables you to make all lessons cooler.

4. Dropbox

You have surely heard about Dropbox, but have you started using it? This is an inevitable tool for all online teachers. Create your profile and start storing and sharing important data which you will be able to access from any device with an Internet connection.

5. Animoto

Video-based presentations are the best way to make your teaching style more captivating. Most young people are visual learners and are distracted by conventional textbooks. Animoto gives you a chance to create wowing presentations and lessons, and share them with your students.

6. Khan Academy

This website is the richest source of finance, math, and science quizzes and lectures that will make your everyday planning much easier. The best part is that all materials and resources available at Khan Academic are free. If you need some inspiration for your lectures, this is the best website to get it.


The career as a virtual educator is flexible, motivating, and profitable. You will work under your own rules and teach as many students as you have energy for. However, the benefits of becoming a virtual teacher go beyond being able to do your job and earn an income – it is a meaningful profession that makes the world better. The above-mentioned tools are everything you need to get started, but keep in mind that the immense competition in this industry requires constant learning and shifting of your own limits.


I am a student of journalism. I am passionate about digital technologies and try to implement them in the sphere of education. I observe all the news connected with online tools and always ready to tell about them. I am also an editor at Tutorsclass.

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