Peter Weddle’s presentation at #truCollegeRecruiter NYC: Post Social Recruiting

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The #truCollegeRecruiter NYC conference was hosted on Monday, December 9, 2013 at the Times Square, New York headquarters of EY (formerly Ernst & Young) and organized by niche job board and #tru recruiting event planners.

The conference brought together about 100 hiring managers, recruiters, and other human resource professionals who wanted to share best practices and learn from each other about how to more efficiently and effectively hire and manage college and university students and recent graduates.

Peter Weddle is founder of WEDDLE’s and executive director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites. He delivered a presentation on Post-Social Recruiting: Migrating Online Social Interactions From Commercial Social Media Sites to an Employer’s Own Web-site.

Thank you to our friends at World Careers Network for sponsoring the video recording of the presentations!

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