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A dissertation in English Literature

A dissertation in English Literature. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Dissertation writing is a requirement of an advanced degree of an academic career. Dissertation writing requires an interesting topic which should be worth exploring to work on. It is the result of what you have learnt during your stay in the college. Dissertation writing is not something which you will learn over night, it is something which you learn throughout your academic degree. Being a student you know that at the end of your bachelors and masters program you have to submit your thesis or you can say a dissertation. Dissertation writing is done at higher levels, teachers expect from students that the dissertation which they will submit should be perfect and plagiarism free in terms of academic writing.

Structure of Dissertation Writing

For your convenience if you want to learn more about dissertation writing, then follow this structure in sequence; you will surely get a lot of help.

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgement
  • Content Page
  • Introduction
  • Material and Method
  • Discussions and Findings
  • Result
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

This is the simplest structure of dissertation writing; the title page is itself very important to tell the reader what you have researched about. It should be creative, descriptive and representative of what you have researched. The main part of dissertation writing is an abstract, which is a summary of your thesis. It includes the reasons and explanation of why you choose this topic to write your thesis. This section of dissertation writing should be well crafted and well written. Acknowledgement is the part of dissertation where you have a chance to mention those individuals who have been helpful throughout your dissertation writing. The content page includes all the contents which you must be using while writing your dissertation. After that the introduction of your dissertation writing starts which leads to the material and method of your thesis. After selecting the method of writing, the discussions and findings are written accordingly. In the end, the result and conclusion is written which wrap up the whole material of the dissertation. References and appendices are also mentioned in the end of the report. So this is the easiest way of knowing what this dissertation writing is and how it is written.

Read As You Write the Dissertation

Well this is advisable that you read while writing the dissertation; it will make you able to point out the mistakes as you write them. You need to revise again and again your dissertation writing; this will increase your writing skills as well. This can be a good idea to put the word limit at the back of your mind so that you know how much you need to write. After that you will always edit according to your own preferences. Dissertation writing is essential for every student in order to complete the degree. It must be very creative and interesting to read as it reflects what you have learnt in your whole degree from the beginning of your college.

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