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Smiling man working from home on his laptop computer

Smiling man working from home on his laptop computer. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Those just leaving college are presented with a unique set of circumstances that generations past have not seen before. The job market is very much in flux, with traditional opportunities being criticized for having fewer openings than there are applicants. On the other hand, recent college graduates are more familiar with technology than generations past, offering a unique set of skills that employers are eager to acquire for their business. Many companies find that it is easier than ever to hire remote workers to take on a variety of tasks to help manage their business, which both increases productivity for businesses and employment opportunities for graduates.

Benefits of Working Remotely

The transition from college to the working world can be a large adjustment. Focusing on remote entry level jobs when entering the job market helps individuals find opportunities that are unique and help to cater to the free lifestyle that they have been used to. Many remote jobs allow employees to set their own schedule, providing more time for socializing and other responsibilities that individuals need to account for. Most remote jobs can also be performed from a variety of locations, allowing employees to travel and visit family without losing productivity.

Eliminating the need for a daily commute can help employees cut down on major expenses right out of college. It may not be necessary to worry about gas or even paying for a car for those that have found remote entry level jobs that they can perform from home or from a home office. While those performing jobs remotely may need to invest in their own equipment, it is likely that much of the software needed to perform these tasks is available for free online, or was already purchased in order to finish a degree in the given field.

Remote jobs also pay employees directly, often through mechanisms like direct deposit or PayPal. This helps employees keep better track of when they have been paid and how much money they have on their person at any given time. Many banks wave fees or offer discounts to those that are willing to switch to online banking because it eliminates the need for paper statements, increasing the likelihood that users will lose more of their paycheck to maintaining their accounts. While all employees in any field must report their income to the IRS, remote working opportunities are often seen as contract or freelance work, which can move employees into a different tax category, helping them to avoid additional charges that can be difficult to manage freshly out of college as bills like student loans begin to come due.

Top Fields for Remote Work

Writing– Perhaps one of the most well-known remote entry level jobs is working as a writer. Those with a degree in communication, journalism, English and others find that there are many businesses and marketers that require a great deal of content to be generated for their website or marketing campaign, but they lack the manpower to finish these tasks on their own. Reporters, editors, proofreaders and more can usually work online to complete these tasks without ever meeting their clients in person. There are many companies that offer long-term writing contracts that can provide stability for recent graduates.

Translation– Those that are familiar with multiple languages can work as a translator, creating subtitles, translating websites, acting as a translator between parties at meetings and more. Professional translation companies will frequently hire telecommuting employees that can be brought in via conference call to provide a translation of events. Those that can transcribe these events as well will be even more highly in demand.

Marketing– Public relations, marketers, social media experts and more can work online to promote businesses and keep track of business growth for a variety of clients. All that is needed is a strong understanding of advertising and familiarity with social media platforms, both of which many college graduates have earned simply by using these platforms on their own.

Web Design/Webmaster– Today, all businesses require a website in order to stay in contact with customers. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the expertise or employees necessary to keep a website up and running in a professional way. Those that are able to build websites and keep them up and running can work alongside a business’s IT department to manage all of their needs. Some companies outsource their entire IT department, offering even more opportunities for job growth in addition to basic IT remote entry level jobs.

Research– Data entry, administration duties, stock management or basic market research analysis can be performed remotely. Those with strong computer skills can usually perform these tasks with nothing more than a computer with steady internet access. Some companies are even willing to hire accountants, bookkeepers and stockbrokers that work remotely because the internet offers the tools necessary to keep track of these figures in real time.

Paralegal/Medical Reviewer– With the growth of research mediums like LexisNexis, it is easy for paralegals to perform research on cases remotely rather than sitting in an office. Document templates and drafts can easily be sent back and forth from the office using file sharing software, using passwords and encrypted files to ensure that sensitive information is kept secure. Those that have a medical background can often review practices and casework associated with patients once they receive clearance to access private information from clients.

Insurance– Many insurance agents set up websites that offer coverage to clients on the spot. There are plenty of remote entry level jobs in this field that require little more than a convincing personality in order to begin making sales. These positions are often based on commission which can increase the opportunity for profit if the employee is good with sales.

Telemarketer– Many companies hire people to work their phone lines remotely, eliminating the need to invest in a great deal of equipment. All people need is an internet connection or a cell phone and they can start working with companies making sales or assisting with technological difficulties through a telephone operating service.

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