An Overview of Career in Psychotherapy and Counselling

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Therapist comforting her patient in the office

Therapist comforting her patient in the office. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Selecting a career in the field of psychotherapy and counselling means patiently listening to someone’s issues and providing him a solution for coming out of the chaos. And, people who have the aptitude to deal with such situations are best suited for this profession.

Why Career as a Psychotherapist or Counsellor is a Good Option?

Studying psychotherapy is the best way to understand a human’s psychology. It provides you the right theories that help you in understanding others as well as your own self. Further, some skills that one can acquire through the respective field includes the ability of assessing the relevance of different counselling and psychotherapy models to clinical situations and identifying critical theories, concepts and methods.

Eligibility Criteria for Enrolling in the Program

There are basically two main criteria for enrolling in this program – personal aptitude and academic qualification. Both of these have different standards that are stated below:

Personal Aptitude

  • The student must be calm and composed
  • One must show interest, passion and commitment towards the field
  • Excellent communication skills and a polite tone is very essential
  • One must be mature enough to deal with clients from different age brackets; be it a 9 year old kid or a 55 year old man, the student of psychology ought to know how to deal with all kinds of clients

Academic Qualification:

  • Command over the English language
  • If opting for a post graduate program then bachelor’s degree in any discipline is a must

In addition to all this, one must also have proper documents required for admission (the list of documents depends on the institution you select).

A Bright Future

In the present era, many renowned organizations are hiring psychotherapists in their product designing and marketing teams. As a psychotherapist is the best person to judge what targeted customers would like. Further, he can also assist in providing methods to appeal to a wider  market. Besides this, various firms as well as schools hire counsellors for ensuring mental soundness of the employees and young students. Thus, considering the present day scenario there is a wide scope if you opt for a career in psychotherapy.

Job Satisfaction

This field not only aids you in earning a livelihood, but also provides you the happiness and satisfaction of helping others. You know you are doing something good for the mankind, and this feeling is surely above all materialistic pleasures.

Bottom Line

Making a career in counselling and psychotherapy is not a piece of cake; you must have ample composure and aptitude to listen and understand the perspective of others on an issue. Further, you also need to provide proper advice for dealing with the problem. However, if you feel you are competent enough to handle all this, you certainly have a bright future in psychotherapy and counselling.

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