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Career as a Hotel Manager

Rashmi Karan

Rashmi Karan

The article discusses about the career profile of a hotel manager or supervisor in detail. Read on to explore!

The hotel manager or supervisor at a hotel has a busy and emotionally demanding job that requires a continuous state of alert and has to be prepared for the worst. The hotel manager is responsible to ensure that the hotel runs efficiently and effectively in the absence of the higher ranked managers such as the General Manager.

The job duties of a hotel manager or a hotel supervisor largely vary on the size of the hotel and the total number of employees or sections. Among the main tasks of the hotel manager is the smooth functioning of the operations at the front desk, looking after the check in and out of the guests, and assigning them the appropriate rooms according to their choices. The hotel manager also has its role in resolving any issues or problems, make reservations, and monitor the cash flow of the front desk.

This position demands individuals with a pleasing personality, excellent attention to detail and thrive in a fast-paced job.

Job description

The hotel managers provide the hotel with a person authorized to make management decisions in case the higher authorities are absent, as already discussed. Some bigger names in the hospitality industry also employ managers on duty even when the general manager is present. In these cases, the manager on duty is responsible to perform the given basic tasks, while GM concentrates its efforts on tasks that are more complex.


The responsibility of a manager on duty is broad in scope. However, the most important tasks are to maintain order and ensure the guests’ satisfaction. For example, guests seeking a refund speak to the manager on duty to express their complaints. In essence, the manager on duty is the appropriate contact for everything that goes wrong in the functioning of the hotels, and it is his responsibility to make wise decisions to restore order.

He/she is responsible for the efficient delivery of services and the satisfaction of customers and guests through the implementation of operational and institutional policies and management defined in the human and material resources in the location of interest.


The shift managers works in a variety of shifts, but the most common is at night. The hotel managers have to typically work for around 30 to 40 hours per week. In addition, the hotels located in vacation destinations give their managers more on duty hours during peak season and less during low seasons, so the jobs and work hours in the travel and tourism industry largely depend on the holidays and peak seasons.


The salary packages of a manager on duty differ depending on education, training, experience and location. Those who come from the top ranking hotel management colleges like IHM usually get a starting remuneration package of Rs. 20,000 and above. Similarly, those who possess diploma or certification get salaries starting from Rs 8,000 to 10,000. Many hotels also offer incentive bonuses, retirement plans and health insurance. The payment of benefits changes from company to company.

Training and education

To become a manager of a hotel, it is necessary to know the functioning of the hotel. A number of Indian universities offer certification, degree and diploma programs in hotel management. In addition, some institutes offer certification programs through distance learning. However, many of the hotel managers receive their knowledge through experience while working for entry-level positions such as reception and concierge.

Author Bio: Rashmi Karan is a web enthusiast and a professional content writer who keeps an eagle eye on the trends of the education sector. Her article about career in hotel management gives a fair idea about the job requirement and eligibility criteria in the respective field.

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