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Student tired from trying to write a college essay

Student tired from trying to write a college essay. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Writing an essay and that too, a convincing one while you are applying for a course at any specified college can be tough and it might need some extra “something” so that the teachers who are going to evaluate your essay come to know that you are expert in the concerned subject matter. Though writing an essay is possibly something you might have done from a young age and that you might not find it difficult to compose, but what you need to know is that all topics aren’t easily covered and if you have got vague idea on how you will be able to implement it, it would do well that you brush up concepts again.

Let us see what the best 5 methods that you could apply are:

  • Research on what you are writing

You need to do intense research on two factors – the college that you are planning to attend and the subject that you are in the mood to cover. What you also need to know is that writing without any background research or prior knowledge can be harmful as the facts and figures might not just convince and will sound more like a bluffing streak rather than providing actual information. Improper research is a great put off.

  • Learn from mistakes and improvise

It is not only in theory but also in practice that the words “learn from your mistakes” works. It greatly benefits that you give your works to someone else to just give it a read. This helps people to come out with possible mistakes and they might be able to help you out from errors like incorrect factoid, grammar and dialect problems or simply for irrelevancy with the subject matter. Due to this, if someone is an expert on the subject that you are covering they might be able to supply accurate information and help you innovate your essay content too.

  • Use your mind’s eye

Learn to think that you are not writing an essay – try to sketch a theme in your mind and think that if you were a movie director, how you would want your script to read. This gives you a lot of insight in the subject that you are covering and lets you write your essay as if you are scripting a story. Descriptive language will go a long way and you shall be able to do proper justice to what you are writing by using visually sound description of the essay you are writing.

  • Nothing beats originality

And that is the fact in all walks of life. You can have your own unique style of writing and you will enjoy the informal quote that you use. Try not to make it too fake or too easily catchable so that the teachers don’t get a chance to see through the artificial language or vocabulary that you are trying to use. Experience does make a lot of difference.

  • Proof-read your essay

The last thing to get rejected upon would be your grammar. Grammar is the first and the last impression that can make a reader create a vision regarding you. Any kind of grammar or spelling mistakes is causing a lot. So, the best way is to proof read what you have written and do so thoroughly and ensure yourself that what you are sending back is the perfect content free of any errors.

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