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4 Top Career Options In Web Design

Web design can be an exciting and creative career.  Choosing to go down this career path can lead to a number of jobs in the field, all of which are in demand and worthwhile careers.  This article will discuss at least four career options in web design and the positive aspects of each job.  Read further to find out if a career in web design is right for you.

Web design combines design theory with technology for the purpose of creating websites that are visually appealing, interactive, and user-friendly.  It focuses on design aspects of the layout, graphics, scripting, navigation, and typography.  It also focuses on the technology that enables sites to run such as programming, software tools, and information architecture.  Web designers are equipped with the skills to design and build websites by becoming experts in internet technology, visual communications, how to use up to date software, and user engagement and interaction.  This knowledge can be applied to many different careers, but we will start first with the most common, which is a web developer.

Web Developer

A web developer is responsible for creating a user-friendly and appealing website.  A web developer can work for one company as the chief person responsible for creating and constantly updating the company’s website.  A web developer can also work for a web development company.  This job would allow the web developer to create websites for multiple companies, and then hand over the upkeep of the website to someone at the company.  A web developer can also work freelance or as a consultant.  The possibilities are endless!

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Art Director

An art director is responsible for creating the visual aspect of advertisements.  An art director creates an advertising campaign that has an appealing and positive impact on the consumer in order to sell or promote the product or brand being advertised.  An art director creates advertisements in a variety of forms, including internet, television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc.  This is a highly creative and fast paced career that is often exciting and rewarding.  Art directors typically work at advertising agencies, but can also work as freelance workers as well.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is someone who creates design solutions that have a highly visual impact on the consumer.  As a graphic designer, your services can be used to create a website, book cover, computer games, product packaging, posters, magazines, corporate logos, etc.  Graphic design is a very diverse career and a very creative one as well.  Graphic designers work with clients to understand the product or service, and then create a visual that will be appealing and memorable.

Web Marketer

A web marketer is someone who is responsible for collaborating with a variety of teams or organizations throughout the company they work for in order to drive online media programs which are designed to drive online enrollments and lead generation.  As a web marketer, you will be managing web marketing programs so that programs and communications are aligned with business and sales objectives, are measurable, optimized and driving results.

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