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Job Description of Flight attendant

Rashmi Karan

Rashmi Karan

Airlines have been the hottest career choices for the youngsters owing to attractive salary packages, career advancement and future prospects. The article tends to explore the job description of the flight attendants in the airlines. Read on to explore more!

The aviation industry of India has reached new heights with the introduction of various private airlines. This condition is particularly ideal for the jobseekers that are looking for airline jobs in the metropolitan cities. Those who desire to be a part of the aviation sector in India have various options in front of them.

Airline Jobs are in high demand. Females who are smart, love to travel and can serve the customer with a pleasant smile are welcome in the airline industry. Many companies offer great salary benefits to the airhostesses and flight stewards. Each airline requires a ground crew that can perform the activities of ticket booking, handling, catering in flights, passenger transport and looking after other services for passengers. Airlines jobs can easily be obtained after completing the relevant courses. Employment opportunities in aviation airlines range from support services to customers for the jobs of cabin crew on flights.

Here is a brief description of the flight attendant job position:

Job Description – Flight Attendant:

It is the job responsibility of the flight attendants to ensure that the safety regulations are being followed on the aircrafts. Flight attendants also have to make sure that the passengers are comfortable during their journey.

Educational Requirements

To work as a flight attendant, you need to possess a high school diploma, which is the minimum requirement. However, these days, the employers prefer hiring those who have a college degree. If you have a flight attendant training certification or diploma, your chances of getting hired is maximum. No matter if you have undergone previous training; every newly hired flight attendant has to receive a formal training of 3-8 weeks from his or her employers.

Other Requirements

You must be 18-21 years old if you wish to work as a flight attendant with the most renowned airlines. The employers prefer hiring experienced flight attendants, particularly those in the field of general aviation. To work with the international airlines, you must be fluent with a foreign language. Apart from these general requirements, the flight attendants also need to fulfill the criteria of minimum height, because of the fact that the flight attendants should reach overhead bins. The vision should be correctable to 20/30 or better. Most of the aviation administrations round the globe require that airlines to conduct a complete background check for every new hire.

Advancement Opportunities

After the completion of the formal training, the newly trained flight attendants are kept reserve where they remain for at least 1 year, but it may extend to 5-10 years. This means that those flight attendants can be called to fill up the vacant positions in their absence or on extra flights. When kept on reserved status, the flight attendants have to bid for the regular assignments and are given the choices based on their seniority levels.

Job Outlook

It is expected that the job opportunities for flight attendants will grow at a faster rate for all the occupations in the airlines through the year 2018. There is a stiff competition among the newly recruited flight attendants as there are more jobs as compared to the positions available.

Employment Facts – Flight Attendant:

•    There are more jobs available with the commercial airlines than general aviation.
•    If the plane door is open, you are not getting paid.
•    To work as a newly hired flight attendant, you will be kept on a strict probation period for first six months. There are instances that a new hire lost her job because she was wearing her uniform sweater tied around her waist!

Man and woman in an airportEvery airline company seeks crewmembers that can help pilots and other staff to ensure a safe flight besides safety of the passengers. Many young men and women desire to be a member of cabin crew jobs on an airline first. The salaried offered to the candidates with good experience is very alluring, and the lifestyle is marvelous. You also get chances to fly high and travel other countries, if you are a part of the international airlines. These have been the main reasons why more and more candidates look for the airlines jobs.

Taking help of people who have already been in this field can be helpful. You can enter the airlines industry or the jobs in airlines with the help of references. The cabin crew jobs are pretty tough sometimes and candidates sometimes need to deal with some unpleasant situations. So be prepared to deal with such instances!

Author Bio: – A content writer by profession, Rashmi Karan keeps an eagle eye on the current job industry and shares her views on the same. She writes for the leading job websites about the latest job industry trends such as for airline jobs, and offers solutions to all career related queries and dilemmas. So Click here and search current airline jobs in India.

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