9 High-Paying Tech Jobs

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Shaun Chatman

Shaun Chatman, Salary.com contributing writer

If you love computers and dream in programming code, then a career in the technology industry might be perfect for you. We checked out a few published lists of hot tech jobs by several online publications, compared it to our existing job titles and salary data, and came up with nine high-paying tech jobs offering salaries between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.

9. Data Architect

Occupation: Data Architect
Annual median salary: $100,717

If you have a good head for math, then you might find work as a data modeler. Modelers use applied mathematics to create database systems and improve the transfer of data between them.
Those seeking this kind of work must be able to visualize the numbers through graphs and charts to analyze the data. Sometimes this job title is called data architect, because these workers basically construct storage and archival systems for information.

8. Information Technology Auditor

Occupation: IT Auditor
Annual median salary: $68,719

Interested in detective work? Information Technology Auditors investigate computer systems and collect info about accounting and controls to make sure companies obey all laws and practices. Working alongside systems admins, auditors insure networks are running efficiently and safely.

They also are responsible for consolidating all resources within a system so they operate at the highest performance possible. It’s not exactly private eye level work, but it’s a great job for anyone focused and observant.

7. Database Administrator

Occupation: Database Administrator
Annual median salary: $87,330

Someone has to be in charge of data entry. A database administrator (DBA) uses software to collect and organize important data, like client or financial information. They have to make sure the data is secure, accessible, and consistent between all systems, and frequently troubleshoot systems when things go wrong. Continue reading . . .

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