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How to begin a career as a certified medical assistant

Starting a new career in the medical field is a great way to go with your profession. There are many fields of expertise to choose from and it can be overwhelming to get started. You could go the whole way and become a doctor or nurse or you can become a Medical Assistant. This position is in high demand and will always need great, friendly and compassionate people in the position. For those that choose to go into this field, it is a great way to work in the medical field and really make a difference. This person in the office has great responsibility and is the one who truly makes the office run smoothly. How do you get started? Check out these tips and see how you can be on your way to a new future today.

Choose A Program

If you decide that the medical field is where you want to be you must choose a program of study. The medical assistant is a great area to head into and requires some specific training. Once you have chosen the program you need to find a college you can enter that has a solid program.

Skills Required

You will take several classes that will prepare you for your new career as a medical assistant. It takes a lot of work to make those offices run smoothly and these classes prepare you for that. You will learn medical terminology, coding numbers and categories for billing, record keeping and much more. This will all help you to know what to do when running your office and how to handle issues as they come up.

Organization and Customer Service Skills

These two skill sets are required for this job. If you love to organize and can keep it in line, then this might be the career for you. You should also have a strong mind set for customer service. You are typically the first person that the patients come in contact with so you must be friendly and professional. You also have to handle multiple items at once. Organizing the office, taking in records, learning programs and knowing how to code insurance claims are all important in this line of work.


When you are taking certification in this course you will typically do a dual certification in either billing and coding or in health information management. This will give you a dual certificate and allows you to work in this field with the skills you need. You will also have to pass your exams to get certified in these areas.

This is a great field to go into when you have awesome organizational and customer service skills. You can work in the medical field where there is always a need for employees. You will be the one who runs the office, takes care of the customers and helps the physicians to get paid for their services. These are important jobs and you can fill the shoes of a great medical assistant in no time. Be sure to check out your local programs or those online that can assist you in reaching your goals.

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