Did anyone here put themselves through college?

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Female graduate holding piggyback with savings for education

Female graduate holding piggybank with savings for education. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you believe you did, see if any of the criteria in the following post confirm your feeling.

I was speaking to some recent grad friends of mine and one commented, that no college kids put themselves through school b/c parents pay for everything. My response, immediate b.s. I’m inclined to think “most” students (I prefer to call them kids) don’t but a few do.

Here is my criterion for putting yourself through college. If your parents pay for ANY of these expenses, you didn’t put yourself through IMO because these tend to be major life expenses (my opinions).


Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing upon graduation did you get a role that you wanted in a city you wanted? Just curious how personal backgrounds impacted people’s abilities to land jobs in finance.

Quick background for me: Worked 30 hours a week interning + working while a full time student, graduated 3 years, full scholarship, paid for housing/food/all living expenses myself & work as an analyst at a HF (1st job out of school).

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