93% of Top-Tier Executives Learn From College Grads; Yet, 53% of Companies Not Hiring Grads

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Group of college graduates with their degrees, certificates, or diplomas

Group of college graduates with their degrees, certificates, or diplomas. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

While a majority of company executives say they learn from college graduates, companies don’t appear to be showing much love when it comes to hiring this group of job seekers.

n an April survey, 93% of top-tier executives at global companies said they learn from college graduates.  Executive talent management firm, Korn/Ferry, International (NYSE:KFY) conducted the survey from April 18-25, 2013.  Further, 80% of respondents said college students teach executives all of the following: social marketing, how to connect with 20-somethings, and how to improve tech skills.

Yet, 53% of executives said their companies are not hiring college graduates in 2013.  Of the companies hiring college graduate, 30% are increasing hires for 2013; 70% are reducing hiring levels or keeping them the same.

Of note, 43% of companies have C-level executives that were first hired at the company as a college graduate.

Survey results are as follows:

Q: Do you think that senior level managers learn from new college graduates hired?

Yes – they learn about social marketing                                              3%
Yes – they learn how to connect with the 20 something demographic       6%
Yes – they improve their skills in technology – especially mobile               3%
Yes – all of the above                                                                         80%
No – they learn very little                                                                     7%
(total yes, 93%)

Q: Are you hiring college graduates starting in summer/fall 2013?

Yes                                             47%
No                                              53%

Q: Compared to 2012, are you hiring more/less/the same number of college graduates this year?

More                                            30%
Less                                            36%
The same                                        34%

Q: Do you have C-level executives at your company that were first hired there as a college graduate?

Yes                                                    43%
No                                                     57%

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