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Regain Your Online Reputation!

Reputation Management
•    Job titles and descriptions are increasingly incorporating online knowledge. Even if your occupation isn’t under the category of “tech” you still have one issue to consider when applying for jobs; online reputation. With instant internet access and endless websites, your information is being stored, shared and saved on the World Wide Web. Before waltzing into your interview, are you confident with how you’re portrayed online?

Search Engine
•    If you are unsure of your online reputation status simply type your name into your favorite search engine. Suppose your last name is common, such as Smith; try to add details that could trigger finding the correct person. Once you insert educational information and previous occupations typically you will find yourself among the listings. Before running through each site, click images. What do you see? Are there photographs from your private Facebook revealing a high level of intoxication from New Year’s Eve two years ago? If that seems to be the case, scroll down to learn a few tips to control the situation before the pictures become detrimental to your future career.

Online reputation management

Damage Control
•    STOP posting inappropriate pictures on the internet. The problem most people fail to realize is that once a photo is released onto the web it remains in circulation.  If your high school days and inappropriate college behavior is being shared by others you can do two things; ask the person politely to remove the pictures and discover ways to push the content down in search results. and other online directories grab pictures that are easily found through your Facebook and Twitter profile and use them to identify you on their site. Some of these sites will grant you permission to edit your own profile. Adjust your photos when possible. In regards to pushing negative search results to the seventh page and beyond, one must learn a few Search Engine Optimization techniques. Develop a site that includes your name in the domain. This site can be a unique online portfolio or a blog platform. Be sure to update the sites with content two or three times a month to continue ranking above unflattering results.

•    Promote your professional image by sharing your LinkedIn profile on sites with high authority and excellent SEO ratings. By optimizing your online presence through your proficient skill set recruiters, corporations and various jobs will be able to discover your descriptive portfolio. Provide a profile that portrays a person with strong work values, like responsibility, positive attitude and integrity.  Refrain from posting profanity on all your social networking sites. People want to interact with someone intelligent and your personal content will be a reflection of your voice. The value in a first impression is tremendous and more often in this tech savvy workforce your online profile will be your introduction.

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