Five College Skills You Can Use To Boost Your Career

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The word "skills" on a chalkboard. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The word “skills” on a chalkboard. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

You have a degree. Now what?

For many college grads, looking back at the time spent feverishly studying for term papers and putting together presentations can be nostalgic. It can also reveal some crucial life lessons learned throughout your time in college.

Although some lessons learned will not apply to all types of jobs, the career path you choose will benefit from the skills you acquired during your education. Here are the top five college skills you can use to build up your career and get you started in the real world on the right foot.

1.    Communication – First and foremost, you need to be able to properly and effectively communicate with others. In college, you meet a lot of people. When you do, you learn how to connect with a variety of communication styles. This lesson can be applied to any job that you may begin. Whether you are a doctor needing to communicate with your patients, or a web developer needing to communicate with clients, communication skills are crucial.
2.    Problem Solving – Throughout your college career, you work hard to solve problems in your class, social life, and schedule. These problem-solving skills prove beneficial in a career, regardless of which field you enter. To be exceptional at problem solving, you must think analytically and creatively. You must have an exceptional ability to use reason and initiative to come up with solutions. Your creative side will help you to think outside the box to come up with innovative ideas that will help bring you to the next level in your career.
3.    Time Management – Organization is a crucial life lesson to have. From juggling work and family, you must be able to know your limits and manage your time effectively so that you can accomplish everything on your plate. In college, you are focused on multiple courses and internships at one time. Out in your job, you will focus on a variety of tasks in each workday. Using your time management skills learned in college can help you to prioritize tasks and get your projects completed on time, every time.
4.    Integrity – Ethics in the workplace, whether you go into healthcare or the corporate world, are vital to your career success. While not always talked about in job interviews or cover letters, having integrity to stay true to your values and do what is right in every situation will help you be successful now and in the future.
5.    Self-Motivation – Going to college, waking up for class, and holding a steady job requires you to be motivated. Just showing up takes initiative and drive. In your career, you can take this passion to be the best person you can be to another level by exceeding expectations each and every time. Show your employer that you are goal-oriented and your drive to make it to the top and you will impress the right people to help you get ahead.

As you head out into the workforce, holding onto these intrinsic values will help you get ahead. You will become a better person for having developed these life skills, and your career will benefit from it.

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Joyce Del Rosario is a career and education blogger and she is a  part of the team behind Open Colleges and InformED, one of Australia’s leading providers of Open Learning and distance education.

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