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Moneyball for Recruiters: How Data-Driven Analytics Are Revolutionizing Corporate Hiring

Steven Rothberg AvatarSteven Rothberg
March 21, 2013

Sarah White

Sarah White, Principal & CEO of Sarah White & Associates, LLC

Interesting discussion today at HuffPost Live about how the same data-driven analytics that revolutionized talent evaluation in pro sports are now being applied to the broader marketplace. Will the evolution away from traditional sourcing techniques, resumes, assessments, and other traditional hiring practices and toward new technology help or hurt?

The consensus — as well stated by my friend, Sarah White — was that the new techniques will help employers and candidates alike as the new technology will help the two connect even if they’re not aware of each other.In addition, the new technology is enabling employers to move away from flawed personnel selection tools such as Myers-Briggs and other personality tools.

Some of the most interesting aspects of the discussion to me were:

  1. The emphasis not just on recruiting but also retention.
  2. The use of the technology to include rather than exclude more people from the hiring pool.
  3. The appropriate use of data. For example, where a candidate lives can predict how long they will be employed should they be hired but that same data can be used to illegally discriminate against groups such as racial minorities given how segregated most of the country remains.

Intrigued? I thought you would be. Watch the discussion by clicking on the video below:


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