Bring the Passion Back to Your Job

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Robert Half International logoAre you losing the desire to work at your job?  The following post has some tips to help make you more passionate as an employee.

High stress levels, increased workloads and long hours can impact your morale and lead to decreased job satisfaction.  Add on a competitive coworker or an overbearing boss and you might be wondering if the relationship is worth saving.

Before you start looking elsewhere, the career experts at Robert Half offer the following suggestions to overcome these challenges and reignite your enthusiasm for your job:

  • Take charge of your stress levels – Simple things like a short lunch break, asking for help, exercising and taking deep breaths can help manage stress and keep it from elevating.
  • Don’t over-commit yourself – Saying “yes” to extra work often is a good career move but if it’s more than you can realistically handle, meet with your supervisor and look for ways to delegate some of your work or postpone non-priority projects.
  • Foster healthy coworker relationships – Learn to adapt so that you can effectively communicate with challenging coworkers. You don’t need to change your behavior completely, just remember that a different approach can often help you reach the same goal.
  • Build a bond with your boss – A productive and harmonious relationship with your boss is mutually beneficial to both of you.  Be sure to keep the lines of communication open, provide updates on your projects and adjust to his or her work style.
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