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11 of the Fastest-Growing Jobs in America

Heather Dugan

Heather Dugan, contributing writer

Everyone wants a little job security. But in these turbulent times filled with massive changes, how can any of us know if our careers are on solid ground?

Luckily, the Bureau of Labor Statistics crunched some numbers and came out with employment projections to the year 2020. So which jobs are the safest bets? The aging population of Baby Boomers put more than a few health care careers on this list, but check out other popular options amongst the fastest growing occupations of the future.

11. Cost Estimator

Expected increase in jobs: 36.4%
Median annual salary: $61,405

A bachelor’s degree, solid verbal and written communication skills and “big picture” focus ability paired with an attention to detail are prerequisites to a career in this growing field. Senior level estimators earn an average pay of $61,405, and the industry is expected to add 67,000 jobs for a total of 252,000 by 2020, according to the BLS.

In a nutshell, cost estimators figure out how much a project or product will cost. This helps decision-makers decide whether or not it’s advisable to create a new product or invest in a new project. Cost estimators also find out which jobs are making a profit. They study information on all of the things that can change the cost of a project, including supplies, labor, and location.

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10. Health Educator

Expected increase in jobs: 36.5%
Median annual salary: $52,810

Working in a variety of settings including schools and clinics, health educators provide health education to promote healthy lifestyles for individuals, groups and communities. These workers plan, deliver and evaluate educational interventions to help patients manage their condition, improve health outcomes and reduce disability.

Escalating healthcare costs will be fought at the ground level through greater efforts toward public health education. Because of this, the BLS reports more than 23,000 new health educator jobs will be added by 2020, making it an appealing job with plenty of room for growth.

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