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Transitioning Students with Disabilities into College and Careers

CollegeRecruiter.comWith the right preparation, schools can make the lives of students with disabilities a little easier as they transition into college and the workforce.  In the following post, find out what parents say can be done to help with this process, and what is making a difference.

Scott Rich is a prime example of how a student with disabilities can be successful. Rich was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and behavioral problems affected him throughout elementary school. He had difficulty engaging to the point that he was expelled on several occasions, and during middle and high school, he suffered anxiety and time management issues.

Today, life for Rich is an entirely different story. At age 29, Rich has earned his M.A. in Special Education, a B.A. in Geography, and a Minor in Special Education. Rich now works as an outreach advocate and is mentoring students with special needs and autism.


Transitioning Students with Disabilities into College and Careers

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