How To Fight Age Discrimination

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CollegeRecruiter.comWhile the job market has been tight for many people, it seems that older workers have a harder time finding new jobs.  One problem could be age discrimination.  So, what can these workers do to increase their chances of getting hired?  Learn more in the following post.

Being out of work is hard, being unemployed and in your 50’s can be impossible. While companies won’t admit it, age discrimination does exist, particularly in a tight job market where there are many more candidates than job openings. Although the problem crosses both genders, older women reentering the job market can have an even tougher time.  According to the September jobs report, women 55 and older who have been out of work for longer than 27 weeks increased from 50.9% in August to 54% in September.


How To Fight Age Discrimination

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