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THE Most Important Question a Candidate Needs to Ask

NewTown Solutions logoOver the years we have accumulated a vast amount of data to help our candidates get the position they want.   And time after time the one piece of feedback we get from hiring managers most often is “Great candidate, they would be a great fit but we are not sure if they want to work here?”

How can this be?  We quickly follow up with the candidate to see what their interest is and most often the response is over whelming, “I want that position.”  After a moment or two we will ask, “Did you ask for the job?“  And the standard reply is “No, but I went to the interview, obviously I want the job.”

How obvious is it?  Hiring managers are people too.  Think of it like asking someone on a date.  You do not want that person to say no.  A hiring manager does not want to go through all the work of preparing an offer for someone, not to mention the mental anguish, of a possible rejection by the candidate.  It is like someone saying no to a date.  It is PERSONAL, no one likes being rejected.  Including hiring managers.

Take charge of your career.  If you bring a note pad to an interview have at least one question prepared to ask:  “CAN I HAVE THE JOB?”  Do not beat around the bush.  Make the manager comfortable that if they extend an offer you will most likely accept it.  Leave no doubt in their mind that you want to work for them.

By asking for the job you immediately move to the top 50% of the candidates they are interviewing.  Your sincerity in how you ask, can make the difference in getting hired or not!

Another way to think about asking for the job is the old  “Jedi mind trick.”  “These are not the droids you are looking for.”  Use this to your advantage by saying something like, “I am excited about working here and look forward to accepting your offer.”  You have now demonstrated brilliant decision making and excellent communication abilities.

If interested always “ASK FOR THE JOB!”

Dave Neville, President of Newtown Solutions, Inc. –

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