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How to Make Sure “Binders Full of Women” Get Equal Pay

Jim Hopkinson

Jim Hopkinson, contributing writer

Politics. Women. Money.

When you’re talking about those three subjects, you’re either watching a Presidential debate or sitting at a very interesting dinner party.

One of the hot topics coming out of the October 16 town hall presidential debate was the subject of fair hiring practices for women. As Mitt Romney told a story about his push to hire more women in his cabinet, he uttered the phrase “Binders full of women” in reference to the stacks of resumes of qualified candidates that were brought to him.

And just like that, faster than a video of a cat dancing Gangnam Style, an internet meme was born, launching discussion around the #bindersfullofwomen hashtag on Twitter and mock accounts across the social web.

I think this is a very important issue, and if a funny phrase gone viral is what it takes to bring attention to it, so be it. However, I think most people would agree that it’s not a good idea to sit back and wait for the government to solve their problems – be it around this topic or any other, Republican or Democrat.

And like any good debate, where data from both parties is relentlessly scrutinized, a 2011 article on titled “The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth,” lists eight reasons why there might not be a gap at all, and the Wall Street Journal online featured the story “There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap.”

Bottom line? Every situation is different, and like a good politician, the numbers can be massaged in different ways.

So what are two things an employee can do, and how does the government play a role?  Continue reading . . .

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