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7 Benefits of Getting an MBA

Is it really worth your time and your money to get a Master of Business Administration? MBAs are one of the most revered postgraduate degrees on the planet. But the sky-rocketing cost of tuition, along with well-publicized success stories of young entrepreneurs who do not hold MBAs, has inspired a great deal of debate regarding the value of an MBA. Taking into account the time and financial commitment getting an MBA requires, as well as the unpredictability of the 21st century job market, there are still several solid benefits to having an MBA. Here are seven to consider.

  1. Comprehensive education:

    MBA programs provide students with a broad, comprehensive knowledge of all areas of business, including sales, finance, and marketing, and business-related skills such as leadership, public speaking, and project management. If you choose to pursue a specialized MBA degree, say one that is focused on investing, an MBA program will address all of the components that make up your specialized area of study.

  2. Quick payback:

    While there are of course no guarantees when it comes to getting a job after completing a degree, Forbes magazine reports that the investment in an MBA degree at one of the top 50 business schools, including tuition and lost salary, is typically recouped within 3 ½ years. Despite the recession, there is still a high demand and high-paying jobs available for graduates with a traditional two-year MBA in today’s job market.

  3. Universal skill set:

    The skill set you gain from an MBA program can be applied in not just a few, but many areas of business. Those skills include leadership, risk management, interpersonal and public speaking, time and project management, and many others none of which will be obsolete a few years into the future.  Continue reading . . .


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