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Virtual Job Tryout: Effective Assessments Benefit Candidates and Employers

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

When doing research on thought leadership in assessments, writer Dave Zielinski was directed to us by several resources.  He wrote a thoughtful article for SHRM’s HR Magazine from his findings.

Dave found out that market leaders, high performing organizations and highly brand conscious companies are using custom simulations for pre-employment testing and employee selection.

In the article, Dr. Nina Brody of Take Care Health Systems (a division of Walgreens) stated: “the assessment gives candidates a highly realistic job preview – causing some to self-select out early and others to solidify their commitment – and creates an impression that Take Care is operating at technology’s cutting edge..”

Also in the article, Beth Yates of KeyBank states, “the simulations create an interactive, highly immersive, multi-media experience; they mimic key job tasks and test for competencies such as providing client service, adapting to change, supporting team members, following procedures, cross selling, and working efficiently…”

Simulations deliver a highly engaging multi-method assessment inside a company branded candidate experience.  Candidates walk away feeling like they learned a great deal about the job and the company.  The company also learns a great deal about the candidate from the work sample they provide by completing the Virtual Job Tryout.

If you are a member of SHRM, check out the January issue of  HR Magazine article Effective Assessments on page 61.

If you are not a SHRM member, drop me an e-mail at joe(dot)murphy at (you can figure that out)  I can forward the article to you.

This article provided by permission from Joseph P. Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group. Deliver an exceptional candidate experience with Shaker Consulting Group’s Virtual Job Tryout®.  Obtain a work sample that predicts on-the-job performance. Identify best-fit candidates at the click of mouse. Click here for a 3 minute overview.

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