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41% of Students Usually Have 3+ Devices Connected to Internet At Same Time

College students on laptops, tablets, and smartphonesThere’s little doubt that there’s been an explosion in usage of bandwidth on college campuses nationwide due to the rapid increase in number of smartphones, tablets, and digital media players used by students. It was only a couple of years ago when few students had smartphones or iPad-type tablets but now almost all have one or both.

The rapid growth in these Internet connected devices has led to significant bandwidth problems for information technology departments at the colleges and universities. Consider:

  • 68% of institutions allow students unlimited internet connectivity.
  • 77% of institutions report increased bandwidth usage as significant issue for their network.
  • 41% of students have 3 or more devices connected to the internet at any given time.
  • The three largest bandwidth consumers are tablets, smartphones, and digital media devices.
  • 50% of IT departments claim they do not recover costs of bandwidth supplied to students.

The Battle for Bandwidth
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