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The 5 C’s of Fostering Strong Working Relationships

Teamwork provides a foundation for business success. Teams, when managed properly, maximize each individual’s strong points while minimizing weaknesses. Of course, creating productive teams isn’t as easy as it sounds. Strong working relationships need five basic ingredients for success: Communication, Collaboration, Culture, Creativity and Commitment. Each of the five Cs builds on the previous one, to form a complete structure which fosters teamwork and relationship building.

Build a Support Structure with Clear Communication
In any relationship, communication is everything. But when it comes to work relationships, it makes the difference between completing a project on time and watching things go up in flames. You’ve probably been involved with a team where missed deadlines and fractious co-workers made it almost impossible to get anything accomplished. Clear communication is the key to diminishing conflict and getting everyone on the same page. Set the tone on day one by scheduling contact with all team members on a regular basis. Phone calls, emails and meetings all help keep teams working toward the same goals. Touch base regularly with all members to keep each person on track and updated on changing project goals.

Encourage Collaboration
Working together produces better and faster results, but collaboration also imposes challenges. Each team member must understand that a project is a team effort. Eventual success is shared between all members of the group. While individual effort should always be rewarded, it is the sum of the work that is most critical. Make it clear that every member of the team shares responsibility for both success and failure. This helps build a work culture of success.  Continue reading . . .

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