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Partnership Between FindTheBest and Puts College and Scholarship Data into Context

Woody Robinson of FindTheBestFindTheBest and have partnered to help students find not only the best colleges and graduate schools for their educational needs, but also the right scholarships to help pay for that education.

FindTheBest, a data-driven comparison engine, has created six customized comparisons for—the leading job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities.

Comparing Options

The comparisons are divided into three categories: colleges, graduate schools and scholarships. Each of the comparisons provide students with key filters and sorting functionality needed to narrow options, as well as a comparison feature that allows students to view their options side-by-side.

The Colleges comparison allows students to find and compare colleges and universities based on key factors like location, tuition, programs, school size, ranking and more.

The graduate schools comparisons—which include Dental Schools, Medical Schools, Business Schools and Law Schools—allow college graduates to find the best graduate schools and programs based on factors like acceptance rate, areas of concentration, average post-graduation salaries, tuition, location and more.

To help finance their education, the Scholarships comparison helps students seeking financial assistance to find scholarships by year in school, background, type of award, GPA minimum, area of study and more.

Putting Data into Context

The comparisons offer a wealth of unbiased-information for students, but without a surrounding context, data oftentimes lacks meaning. Using charts that show ranges and averages, the comparisons allow students to view data within a context.  The Colleges comparison, for example, allows students to see how educational institutions of interest compare to similar colleges in terms of metrics like tuition and school size. The Scholarships comparison helps students see how a particular scholarship stacks up against similar scholarships in terms of the average size of the grant or average number of grants offered annually. In this way, FindTheBest and are presenting students with all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Woody Robinson, the business development manager at FindTheBest said the partnership would help students make more informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right institute of higher education as well as the best way to finance their education. “The combination of FindTheBest’s data and interactive platform and’s name and focused audience will bring a long-needed resource to students.”

Steven Rothberg, the president and founder of, said, “We’re very excited about our partnership with FindTheBest. We’ve been helping college and university students find internships, entry-level jobs, and educational opportunities for almost two decades but never have we had a tool to offer them where they could quickly and accurately compare the educational opportunities at multiple schools which match their interests. Due to this new partnership, they’ll be able to use to almost instantly figure out which of the 7,000+ post-secondary schools in the U.S. are potentially good matches for their interests, compare the matches, and request additional information from those schools.”

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