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Tips for Candidates Preparing for the Virtual Job Tryout

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July 11, 2012

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Candidates can be resourceful.  In examining key word searches that drive traffic to our web site, we have discovered people may be looking for guidance on how to complete the Virtual Job Tryout.  It appears they want to be successful on their pre-employment test. To offer help to the curious web surfers, we have created a new page on our web: How to Take the Virtual Job Tryout.

Assessment Answer KeyWe emphasize on this page that a candidate being offered the opportunity to complete a Virtual Job Tryout has encountered an employer very interested in their career success.

Our intent is to enhance the brand image of the company, continue to educate the candidate on the value of the Virtual Job Tryout, provide them a link to quotes from candidates that have completed a similar candidate experience, and offer suggestions on how to prepare for and complete the assessment.

Here are the tips we offer candidates.

Five Tips for Success

Here are a few points to consider in preparing to complete the Virtual Job Tryout.

-Be sure to work in a quiet location, free of distractions. Think about it as if you were going to work for an hour.
-No two people perform the same job the same way. The Virtual Job Tryout allows you to demonstrate how you would handle it.
-On average, the Virtual Job Tryout takes about an hour to complete.
-Plan on completing the Virtual Job Tryout in one sitting (though you can start the Virtual Job Tryout, stop and start again where you left off).
-Arrange to take the Virtual Job Tryout when you are alert. You will find it demands your best thinking.

In addition, we remind the candidate they have a decision making role in their career pursuit.  What a better way to decide if the job is right for you than by taking it for a test drive.  Through virtual technology, candidates are able to learn about the demands of a job, experience the decision making, problem solving and interactions.Due to the multi-method nature of the Virtual Job Tryout and the advanced scoring algorithm, it is quite difficult, maybe impossible, for an answer key to be created.  As it is work-sample based, and no two people perform the same way, two candidates can get similar results with different approaches.  That is a feature our clients really value.

With hundreds of incumbents already doing the job in their own unique way, our clients have evidence that success comes in many variations.  The Virtual Job Tryout is a unique pre-employment test that allows those differences to surface in manner that helps recruiters quickly identify the best-fit candidates, and hire a workforce that delivers superior results.

This article provided by permission from Joseph P. Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group. Deliver an exceptional candidate experience with Shaker Consulting Group’s Virtual Job Tryout®.  Obtain a work sample that predicts on-the-job performance. Identify best-fit candidates at the click of mouse. Click here for a 3 minute overview.

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