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Been dazed and confused for so long, it’s not true.” – Jake Holmes

Career AlleyIn college on your “own”, trying to figure out midterms, finals, spring break, dealing with roommates, meal plans, rushes, finding time to party, etc. It’s a delicate balance. At some point (hopefully after 4 years unless you are on the “5 year plan”) it will all come to an end and you will need to find a job. Four years sounds like a really long time, but trust me, it will all be over before you know it. The last thing you need when you graduate, as you try to assimilate back to your parent’s house, is to linger on the unemployed line. College grads are finding it more difficult than ever to find jobs in their chosen field, and many have to resort to jobs that were traditionally filed by those without a college degree. Whether you are a freshman or a senior (or anywhere in between), there are lots of things you can do now (or should avoid doing) to improve your chances of getting a job when you graduate.

Internships – Doing an internship (at least once) during your college career is probably one of the most important things you can do. Besides getting hands-on experience, you will meet people who may hire you (or help you get a job) when you graduate. Additionally, it will look great on your resume once you graduate. Even if you are a senior now, you can still do an internship after you graduate and before you look for a full time job.

  • Internships, Apprenticeships, & Volunteer Opportunities – If you haven’t visited the Riley Guide in your quest for a job or summer internship then you’ve been missing one of the best career sites on the Internet. Known for their vast listings of career links, their Summer Intern section will not disappoint.  Starting with a list of Internships and Fellowships sites, the site lists additional resources for both study and non-study experience abroad. And, while getting paid would be nice, you should also consider looking at the volunteer opportunities sites listed here as well.
  • How to Find a Last Minute Summer Internship – Maybe you waited too long and are scrambling to find your summer internship before your parents make you work at some fast food joint for the summer. Take a look at this site. In addition to give some great advice as to how to approach your search, you can enter your email account and have opportunities sent to you every day. As if that is not enough, the right hand side of the page lists Internships for current week. Take a look.

Study Abroad – It’s not just about visiting a foreign country (although that is certainly a benefit), it’s about getting international experience, learning about other cultures and learning about diversity. Most colleges offer an exchange program. They are very competitive programs, so get started as soon as you can at your college. I’ve listed a few links below, take a look.

Protect Your Internet Profile – Your Internet profile will haunt you if you are not careful (and it is not a ghost you can easily get rid of). What you do, say and post on the Internet will likely be found by anyone looking to hire you. While having an Internet profile is fine, you do need to be careful as to what is posted (including pictures, webcams and “unusual postings”. Once the “wrong” information is out there, it is very difficult to get rid of.

  • Managing Your Online Profile – Even if you think your internet profile is pristine, it’s not a bad idea to check your own profile (you never know what someone else will post). This is a great article on how to manage your profile.

College Career Centers – One of the most under-utilized career resources, you should visit your college career center as early and as often as possible. While every college has different resources, there is something there for you that you can leverage to help find a job.

Good luck in your search.

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