• 4 Ways College Students can Remember Their Moms on Mother’s Day

    May 10, 2012 by

    Are you a college student living away from home and want to do something special for your mom on Mother’s Day?  The following post has some ideas you may want to think about.

    TeamViewer®, one of the world’s most popular providers of remote control and online meetings software, has a message for approximately 19.7 million American college students this Mother’s Day:  “We’ve got you covered.”

    The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that a record 19.7 million college students enrolled in school during the Fall 2011 season, and many of those students have moved away from home for the first time.  Whether you’re a college student who will be spending the very first Mother’s Day away from home or simply live too far away to visit, here are four tips on how to show mom you care:

    • Show her what you’ve been up to.  Haven’t seen Mom in a while?  Consider using online collaboration software to share photos and more of your first year at college. Seeing your face by using online video chat will make it even more personal and will be a great gift when you’re far away on Mother’s Day. Be sure to select your photos carefully to maximize her pride.
    • Virtual campus tour. Consider spending a day on the campus with the camera of your mobile device to give Mom a virtual campus tour.  Show her where you normally spend your time, or even better, where you don’t.  Take her to the library.
    • Collage of memories. Create a photo collage using pictures of you and your mother and transfer them to her online. Spending time on a project is a great way to show her you’re thinking about her wherever you are. This is sure to please her with a simple, free gesture.
    • Online family reunion.  Organize an online family reunion for Sunday afternoon on Mother’s Day with online collaboration software.  It can be difficult to get families together, and Mother’s Day is a great occasion to gather up to 25 of Mom’s closest family members to catch up on old times.

    Remember to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day!

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