4 Job Hunting Tips for Recent College Grads

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· You may have more experience than you realize – While recent college grads are likely to highlight internships and part-time jobs on their resumes, they may not know that many employers will consider volunteer work (53 percent), class work (33 percent), managing activities for sororities or fraternities (26 percent) and sports (20 percent) as relevant experience. One-in-ten employers (12 percent) would also consider social media (personal or school-related blogs, social networking pages) to qualify as relevant experience.

· Expand your network of contacts online and offline – The number one way employers recruit recent college grads is through employee referrals (49 percent) followed by postings on online job sites (42 percent).

· Be respectful of the interviewer’s time – Fourteen percent of employers reported a recent college grad checked or answered his/her cell phone during a job interview while 15 percent said a recent college grad showed up to the interview in jeans or shorts. It’s important to show enthusiasm for the job, dress professionally and leave the cell phone at home.

· Clean up digital dirt – Fifteen percent of employers reported they didn’t hire a recent college grad because of something they found on social media. Remove any photos, content and links that can work against you in an employer’s eyes.

Source: Careerbuilder

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