Why Hiring a Veteran is Good for Your Organization as Well as the Country

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Army soldier carrying textbooksThere’s been a lot of media attention recently to the hundreds of thousands of bright, energetic, decisive, and honorable veterans who are transitioning out of the military and into the civilian world.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak with a number of leaders at the Department of Veterans Affairs about their work in helping these veterans and we’re even more fortunate to be partnering with the VA to help with this most important initiative. The work the VA is doing should make us all proud. Many in the public and private sectors are doing tremendous work. The leaders in both sectors understand that hiring a veteran is good for the veteran but also makes good business sense.

“Veterans have received some of the best training in the world and most likely have used the latest technology and equipment currently in use,” says retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Paul Capicik, vice president, military programs and a 26-year veteran and former corporate chief information officer. Veterans offer potential employers valuable military critical skills and business-friendly skills gained while serving their country. These business-friendly skills learned through training and experience in the military, but often not taught in the civilian education system, include: showing up on time, being a team player, critically focusing on the task at hand, being objective and goal oriented, having a keen consciousness for security and safety and demonstrating leadership and decision-making capabilities.

There are a number of options available to employers who want to hire a veteran.

  • Post your opportunity with Veterans Affairs.
  • Post your opportunity with CollegeRecruiter.com for prices that start at $95 per 30 days. At no additional charge we will also post your job with the VA.
  • If your hiring needs are large, difficult, or both, then you’ll want to reach a large number of veterans and perhaps other candidates as well. The best way to do that is for CollegeRecruiter.com deliver on your behalf a targeted email campaign.

Our targeted email database includes 10 million currently enrolled students and seven million recent graduates. We can target by any combination of fields such as geography (right down to the zip), school, year of graduation, major, GPA, military service, diversity, occupational field, and more. We can deliver your plain text or HTML email to tens or even hundreds of thousands of students, recent graduates, veterans, or some combination of those. We can even target those with disabilities. In fact, we have in our database more than 27,000 disabled veterans.

We’re happy to pull counts from our opt-in database based upon your hiring needs so that you can see how many veterans (or non-veterans, of course) we have along with the cost for us to deliver your plain text or HTML message to some or all of them. Pricing starts at $2,250 for an emailed delivered to 50,000 opt-in candidates. If we do that for you, we’ll likely see at least eight percent read the email (almost twice the industry average) and at least 13 percent click through to your web site (almost triple the industry average) to apply through your normal, on-line process. An email to 50,000 will therefore likely result in at least 520 highly qualified candidates visiting your career web page.

Just email me at Steven@CollegeRecruiter.com to let me how many people you want to hire as well as your targeting requirements and preferences and we’ll put together some recommendations with pricing break-outs for you!

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