• Factors in Choosing a College Based on the Sports Program

    March 19, 2012 by

    College students are rooting on their respective schools during the NCAA basketball tournament a.k.a. March Madness.  Have you ever wondered, though, if a college’s sports program is a reason to attend it?  While this may not be an overwhelming factor for many students in choosing a particular college, a successful sports program may influence some of them.

    For high school students and other people thinking about going to college based on the sports program, there are certain factors to consider, according to RSC: Your College Prep Expert:

    • Academics: Does a college have a great reputation in the major you want? Do you rank among the top 25% of students at that college? Do its graduates receive a degree valued by employers and grad schools?


    • Career: Examine a college’s job-placement rates and career specialties. Do they offer career guidance, internships and more?


    • Social: Everyone has social needs. Are you looking for a campus with extreme diversity or one very close to your own ideas and opinions? Do you want to attend a campus with plenty of social activities or one with just a few options? Conduct a proper campus visit to see how you fit in.


    • Financial Aid: Can you afford the college? How good is its typical financial aid offer? This step requires a lot of research – often difficult research – but can make a big difference between graduating and dropping out. If two schools are equal in every way but one costs less, it’s likely you’ll do better at that college. You need an accurate college-cost estimate before you agree to go. Know what a college will cost you in advance.

    For prospective college students considering a school’s sports program, think about these factors and there relevance in your overall college experience.

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