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Depending on the market, my job title has been ‘writer,’ ‘contributor,’ and ‘author.’ I have worked in the speculative fiction industry as well as the romance industry, with five years of experience in the former and four in the latter.

For me, writing is a mix of sitting down to get the words out and looking around for the information that I need. Even when writing something set in the present day, I find that the more research I bring to the scene, the better it goes. One of the most common misunderstandings about my job is that it is a hobby, and not something I can do to pay the bills.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my job satisfaction at an 8. The only thing that stops it from being a 10 is that there is no insurance.

I’ve always felt that being a fiction writer is something that I am, not just something I do. If I were left alone in a room, I would be writing whether I was paid or not. The fact that I do get paid is something that both puzzles me and thrills me. I do think that there might be a time where I want to give it up and do something that pays a bit better and that has some security, but I would definitely still be writing.

I don’t feel that I am terribly unique when it comes to writing. I love to read, but I will absorb stories in all forms, whether they are in video games, television or radio plays. I feel this gives me an advantage no matter what stories I am telling.

I got started with writing for online magazines. Suddenly, with the advent of online magazines, it was easier to submit than ever before, and the response times were much faster. If I could go back and give myself advice, I would only tell myself to write more, read more and submit more.

I have learned to keep track of my submissions and to double-check my work. Nothing is more embarrassing than sending off a query email to an editor and having them reply by asking for the story attachment. That could easily have cost me a sale if the editor wasn’t very kind.

Everything prepares you for being a writer. I’ve found that all of the experiences that I go through make me a stronger writer and teach me about how people work. Even bad experiences end up being used in my writing.

I once told a stranger I was a writer, and he immediately started reciting poetry to me. This took place in the middle of a crowded train station. I was a little confused.

I get up and go to work every day because I like my job and I feel that I can tell good stories to people who need to hear them. Once I got a piece of fan mail stating that my story really helped a reader through a tough time in her life.

Procrastination and a fear of being overwhelmed are two challenges I face regularly. I only want to pull my hair out when publishers are late with my checks.

I would say that my job is not terribly stressful until my deadlines come up. I hold my deadline to be nearly sacred. Otherwise, I enjoy a fairly balanced life.

My salary range goes all over the place depending on how good the year is. Once, I made as much as 22,000 dollars, but that was a very good year for me. For a single person living in a large city, this keeps me relatively comfortable.

While working as a fiction writer, I have never taken a vacation. I miss them sometimes, but not enough to return to an office environment. Of course, given the fact that I can simply take a walk whenever I want to, I don’t miss vacations as much as might be expected.

I hold a bachelor’s in media studies, and though I didn’t intend to be a fiction writer when I got it, it has been very helpful. In terms of skills, I would not be a fiction writer at all if I weren’t relatively stubborn and persistent.

My advice to my friends has always been to save up some money before attempting to write full-time. Having a cushion to fall back on is essential for a writer. Similarly, I have told them that if they want to write, they should read. You don’t make stories from nothing.

If I were writing my own ticket, I would have more stories published, and perhaps I would have broken into some new markets. There are two novels that I really want to write, and I would love to see them finished and on the shelves.

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