Top 100 HR Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Posted February 13, 2012 by

Each month, entrepreneurship expert Evan Carmichael publishes his list of the top 100 recommended human resources experts to follow on Twitter. I was pretty flattered to see that I’m number one for the third straight month.

Want to see Evan’s complete list? Go to his February 2012 Top 100 Human Resources Experts to Follow on Twitter page. Want to see his top ten HR professionals to follow on Twitter? Keep reading:


#1) @StevenRothberg -Steven Rothberg(#1 last month)
#2) @BobWarren – Bob Warren (#2 last month)
#3) @JenniferMcClure – Jennifer McClure (#3 last month)
#4) @RapidBI – Mike Morrison (Up from #5)
#5) @lruettimann – Laurie Ruettimann (Up from #6)
#6) @hrmagazine – HR magazine (Up from #7)
#7) @jjbuss – Jason Buss (Up from #8)
#8) @SHRM – SHRM (Up from #9)
#9) @TrishMcFarlane – Trish McFarlane (Up from #11)
#10) @marenhogan – Maren Hogan
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