Job Searching during the Holidays!

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EmployMeMatchWhether you are just starting your job search, are in the middle of it, or just considering a career switch, do not put it off until after the holidays. In fact the holidays might just give you the push you need.  If you want to hear it directly from a professional, “We look for the candidate that does everything possible to land a job and never takes time off to do so including the Holiday season” says  Jane Swansea, HR Director at Preferred Electrical. Here are certain things you should keep in mind with respect to continuing your job search during the break.

Companies continue hiring-

As a job seeker, you have an option to take a break and restart your job hunt process in the New Year. However, the HR managers don’t. If they have a post they have to fill, they will continue looking. Take advantage of this and make sure you apply and make use of the additional opportunities out there for you.

Keep up the momentum-

It’s the end of the year. People will slack off, and you will see much lesser competition for the position you covet. Depending on the agenda for the next year, companies have positions they need to fill irrespective of the number of applicants. So don’t slow down, this might be good way to get in the forefront for your dream job.

Make constructive use of your time-

Use your down-time wisely! Work on your skills, create samples of your work or put together a portfolio. Keeping all your work samples in one place will go a long way even if you just want to go back to it for inspiration. Research the industry or company you are interested in.

Network! Network! Network!

At this time of the year, there will be quite a few personal and professional events you will be invited to. Attend them and network! Never underestimate the power of networking. Go to these events, talk to people and let them know what it is you do and what you are looking for. People are more likely to remember when they have spoken to you personally.

Reach out-

The holidays are the perfect excuse to contact old and current colleagues. You never know who can help!


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