Tech Jobs: Unemployment rate is less than national average

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2012 looks like it could be a good year to find a tech job.

While the national unemployment rate stands at 8.5%, many technology jobs remain in high demand, and hiring top talent for some positions remains challenging for employers.  In fact, the unemployment rate for many of these positions is less than half the national average.

Here are some of the top technology positions with low unemployment rates in the fourth quarter of 2011:

  • Computer network architects:  0.5%
  • Database administrators:  0.8%
  • Computer hardware engineers:  2.2%
  • Computer and information systems managers:  2.4%
  • Computer systems analysts:  2.7%
  • Computer programmers:  3.6%
  • Web developers: 3.6%
  • Software developers, application and system software:  4.4%

 (These figures reflect the average for the entire fourth quarter of 2011.)

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