Searching for a Permanent Job? Temp. 35% of Employers Plan To Hire Temps as Permanent Employees.

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A whopping thirty-five percent of American companies are operating with smaller staffs than before the recession. To keep pace with market demand, many are turning to staffing and recruiting companies and temporary workers. Thirty-six percent of companies will hire contract or temporary workers in 2012. This is up from 34 percent for 2011, 30 percent for 2010, and 28 percent for 2009. For those looking for permanent employment, probably the most interesting statistic in this blog article is that 35 percent of the companies hiring temporary or contract workers this year have plans to hire them on a permanent basis.

The survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive from November 9 to December 5, 2011, included more than 3,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries and company sizes.

Eric Gilpin of CareerbuilderRecruitment for temporary jobs will begin right away for some companies – 27 percent of companies will hire temporary or contract workers in Q1 2012. “Temporary jobs from staffing and recruiting firms are playing an increasingly important role in the economic recovery,” said Eric Gilpin, president of CareerBuilder’s Staffing & Recruiting Group. “Our studies have pointed to a rise in these positions post-recession as companies address growing market needs. Employers are relying on temporary and contract workers to support leaner staffs, and in many cases, will transition those workers to permanent roles.”

The following are examples of staffing and recruiting positions currently in demand:

  • Health Care
    1. Occupational or Physical Therapist
    2. Speech Language Pathologist
  • Industrial
    1. Maintenance Technician or Mechanic
    2. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machinist
  • Information Technology
    1. Java or .Net Developer
    2. Network Engineer
  • Office-Clerical
    1. Administrative Assistant
    2. Customer Service Representative
  • Professional-Managerial
    1. Business Analyst
    2. Marketing Assistant

“Staffing and recruiting firms are on the front lines when it comes to sourcing talent for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Candidates will find good pay, flexibility, opportunities to change careers, valuable skills training, and a bridge to permanent employment,” said Richard Wahlquist, president and CEO of the American Staffing Association. “We’ll see more employers and job seekers making connections in the New Year.”

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