Job Search Wasn’t Built in a Day

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Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” – George Burns

Are we there yet? You either remember that phrase from your childhood or your parenthood. Either way, job search (like Rome) was not built in a day. Patience, dedication and perseverance are your best tools for keeping your sanity in what sometimes seems like an eternity in job search. But for finding a job, your best tools are balancing your search across the major job search resources: Networking, Recruiters, Company Career Sites and Job Search Sites. I get lots of emails offering job search tips, tricks and resources. Today’s post is focused on your recommendations.

  • 10 High-Paying Jobs That Aren’t Worth It – High paying jobs that aren’t worth it? Sounds strange. This article covers a number of jobs that are familiar to us all (including the fact that they are high paying). Some you would not suspect are high paying and others, while high paying, you would not suspect that the job is not worth it. The article leads with the theory that the most secure and highest paying jobs are those that either no one wants or where few people have the  qualifications. Now the first 5 are highly respected jobs, so at first glance you might not get it. The second 5 are the usual suspects and it will take you all of a nano-second to understand (like why a bomb squad officer may be less than desirable). In any event, the article is worth a read.
  • 10 Career Enhancing Social Networking Sites – So I know what you are expecting to see, the usual list of social sites that comes up time after time. Well not so for this time. This article provides a list social networking sites that are specific to careers, such as Teachers, Police Officers, Nurses and more (7 more to be exact). Take a look, maybe your profession is on the list.
  • CareerFlux – This is a great careers site. There are tabs at the top of the page for Blog, Videos, Jobs and more. The home page has career related articles followed by a Job Board. Click Blog and, well, you will go the the blog page. Lots of great careers related articles on the blog page as well. The videos page is really neat too. Click the tab at the top and you will see 7 or so links. Click any of the career videos to watch. Feel like you missed something? Click the archives tab and you will see lots of great links. Take a look.
  • Top 6 Things You Should Never Wear to a Job Interview – Of course what you wear to an interview depends on the company and the job. But there are some things you just don’t wear (and yes, you would think that any adult would know, but apparently not). This article covers a few tips on what not to wear. As with most things in life, some of the suggestions should be common knowledge, but some are not. As the article points out, you get but one chance to make a first impression, don’t make the wrong one (take a read).
  • 23 Funniest Job Infographics From The Onion – From one of my favorite career related sites, jobmob, this is a great read when it is time to take a break and look at the lighter side. There is some really funny stuff here, so if you need a break from the job hunt, take a look.

Good luck in your search.

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