• How an elevator pitch can help you find a job abroad

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    There are many reasons you can find yourself abroad and in need of a job. Maybe you are studying overseas. Or you moved with your spouse or partner. Perhaps you have always dreamed of living overseas and you managed to get a Visa. However you got there, now you need to get a job. Here is how a really good elevator pitch can help.

    1. First of all you need an elevator pitch. Don’t know what an elevator pitch is? In short (and elevator pitches are short by the way – so named because it should last no longer than the average elevator ride):

    Wikipedia: An elevator pitch (or elevator speech or statement) is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization and its value proposition. The name “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes.

    A variety of people, including project managers, salespeople, evangelists, and policy-makers commonly rehearse and use elevator pitches to get their point across quickly. An elevator pitch may be presented in oral, written, and video formats.

    An elevator pitch is often used by an entrepreneur pitching an idea to a venture capitalist or angel investor to receive funding. Venture capitalists often judge the quality of an idea by the quality of its elevator pitch and will ask entrepreneurs for their elevator pitches in order to quickly weed out bad ideas and weak teams. Elevator pitches are also used in many other situations. Personal uses include job interviewing, dating, and summarizing professional services.

    2. OK. Remember what you are pitching is YOU. You are the product, service, and organization’s value proposition. You are your own project manager, salesperson, evangelists and policy-maker.

    Here is my example of an elevator pitch for JobsInGothenburg.com:
    JobsInGothenburg.com is a job board for expats in Gothenburg, Sweden. We bring you great jobs, now. We know it’s hard to feel good about yourself if you are an unemployed expat. We not only give you job leads; we give you tips about being an expat in Gothenburg.

    Here is my example of an elevator pitch for me:
    I am a marketing consultant with special expertise in social media and digital content. I am an expert in working with niche markets including expats and women. My clients include small businesses in Europe and I have also worked with companies in the US.

    See the difference? My first example is all about a company and the second is all about me. Now write your pitch and memorize it. Practice it in front of the mirror. Practice it with someone you trust. Get so familiar with it that it doesn’t sound rehearsed.

    3. Now that you have an elevator pitch you are proud of, use it at every opportunity.  When you meet someone new they inevitably ask, “What do you do”? Well, go into your elevator pitch. Then tell them you are looking for a job. Ask if they can help. Do be afraid to use your elevator pitch. Remember, it’s short, informative, and puts you in a good light.

    Why not shine?

    Author Byline: Adrianne George is the founder of JobsInGotheburg.com, a job board for expats in Gothenburg, Sweden. She founded JobsinStockholm.com in 2006 as an expat living in her third country. JobsInGothenburg.com is also a source of local information about Gothenburg
    Author Website: http://www.jobsingothenburg.com

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