Is Your Online Job Search Working?

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If you just started an online job search, give it some time and see what happens.  However, if it has been a while in the process without any results, then it can’t hurt to make some adjustments.  Consider the following tips to help your online job search get more recognition from employers:

Change up your resume when applying for a job in a different field– Different jobs require different skills/qualifications, and potential employers need to know from your resume that you can meet their specific needs.

Tune up your resume if it is posted on an online job site– It is suggested if you have not received any responses after 45 days to adjust your resume.  Who knows, you may find some mistakes that were made on your resume, or something you forgot to add that could make a difference in your job search.

Maximize your resources– Get in touch with your network and ask if they know of any opportunities, or at least have any contacts you can refer to.

Be extremely cautious about what you post online– Do a search of yourself online and delete anything that may prove to be damaging to your job search.

Hopefully, your online job search is working, but if not, think about making some changes to it.  With the right adjustments, your search can capture the interest of employers.


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