Videos and PowerPoints From FedCollege Recruiting Conferences on 12/7 and 12/8/2011

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On April 1, 2011, Steve Tiufekchiev of RECSOLU and I co-organized the first FedCollege recruiting conference for federal, state, and local government employees who were involved in the hiring of college students for internships and recent graduates for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. The conference was at The George Washington University’s Marvin Center in Washington, D.C.

Partnering with RECSOLU on this non-profit venture was a natural as Steve and I work well together and RECSOLU’s services are quite complimentary to the job postings, targeted emails, banner advertising, targeted cell phone text messaging, and other job board services sold by RECSOLU is a leading recruiting software, solutions, and services company, whose clients include more than 100 major corporations. Their packaged solutions enable their clients to achieve their college recruiting goals more effectively, with less staff time, greater efficiency, greater accuracy, and less cost.

We had hoped for 50 attendees to the April conference and were pretty happy when we ended up with 72 attendees. It was apparent to us that we should host another but we didn’t want to end up with even more attendees so we split the conference into two days with corporate and non-profit employer representatives scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th and government employer representatives scheduled for Thursday, December 8th. It was a good thing that we split the conference into two as we ended up with over 80 attendees between the two days. The smaller number of attendees per day really paid off as the sessions became more interactive than they would have been in larger rooms and attendees were able to meet and visit with each other much more easily.

To ensure maximum content delivery, we used the TedX format of 18 minute presentations followed by 12 minutes of networking breaks. That ensured a fast moving program with a large number of highly relevant presentations along with ample time for peer-to-peer networking among attendees.

Fortunately, almost of our presenters graciously allowed us to share their PowerPoint presentations and all but two were able to allow us to record their presentations. Below are the recordings of the presentations along with my somewhat awkward introductions of the presenters.

John Allen, Office of Personnel Management
The New Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of THE Federal Government Job Board

Tracy Brisson, The Opportunities Project
Creating a Sustainable College Recruiting Program from Scratch in 90 Days – A Case Study on Hiring 200 Teachers in Newark

Gerry Crispin, Careerxroads and The Talent Board
The Candidate Experience Awards: Recognizing Employers With the Best Candidate Experience

Doug Fauth, Southern California Edison
How to Start a University Recruiting Program From Scratch

John Flato, Universum Communications
20 Components of a Strategic College Recruiting Program

Chris Jackson, Inova Health System
Lessons Learned From Our Recent Rebuild of Our Corporate Career Web Site

Jennifer Henley, NAS Recruitment Communications
Best Practices for Campus Recruitment: A Case Study of Freddie Mac

Gonzalo Mon, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP
Mobile Marketing: The Legal Landscape

Ed Newman, Accidental Entrepreneur and The Talent Board
The Candidate Experience Awards: Recognizing Employers With the Best Candidate Experience

Cindy Nguyen, TMP Worldwide Advertising and Communications
Why Employers Need To Be Mobile

Alvin Plexico, U.S. Navy
How Navy Recruiters Use Social Media to Engage With Future Sailors and Their Families

Steve Ressler,
How the Department of Homeland Security Successfully Recruits Top Students From Top Schools

Buthaina Shukri, The George Washington University Career Services Office
Moderator of Student Panel on Corporate Day

Buthaina Shukri, The George Washington University Career Services Office
Moderator of Student Panel on Government Day

Peter Weddle, WEDDLE’s
America’s 1 Generation of Top Talent

Kara Yarnot, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Creating and Executing An Effective Intern Conference

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