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You always pass failure on the way to success.” – Mickey Rooney

I was on my way to work today (commuting via public transportation) and when I looked up (from my mobile device), I noticed that almost everyone on the train who was looking at a mobile phone, Blackberry, tablet or eReader.

If you commute via public transportation, take a look and let me know what you see.

Even more interesting (or maybe sad) is to watch people in restaurants. Same deal, so many people focused on their mobile devices (even with someone sitting across from them!). We stress over the remaining battery in our devices and hope we will not run out of battery before we can “plug in” and we really stress out when we have to go into “airplane mode”.

So what’s the point?

Everything is mobile these days and your job search should not be the exception. I’ve done several posts on mobile job search, but the introduction of new apps and services is so fast-paced, it is almost never too early to do yet another review.

In fact, there are so many apps out there for job search, look out for the next volume in this series.

  • Jobs App – This is’s free iPhone (and iPad) app which they update on a regular basis (newest release now includes integration with FourSquare and Gowalla). With this app, you can do job search, look at saved searches, look at saved jobs as well as your saved resumes and cover letters. And that’s not all, also take a look at Interviews (also works on the iPad) which provides tools to help you ace your interview. Not to worry if you are an Android user, your Monster app can be found here Monster for Android.
  • Search Jobs & Find a Career (from – This Android app (iPhone and iPad version) also lets you search jobs instantly from your mobile device. You can be the first to view hot jobs posted, with push notifications, see your jobs on a Google map, save jobs and job searches, share jobs via SMS and email as well as accessing career articles.
  • CareerBliss – A job search app with a twist (the link to the right is the iPhone and iPad version), this app lets you research millions of salaries, job search advice, job trends and millions of job listings. While you are at it, you can also access thousands of company reviews (what employees say about their companies).
  • HireADroid – This Droid job search app pulls it all together. Find your job and search across many of the most popular job search engines (LinkedIn, LinkUp,, SimplyHired, and more). You can use multiple keywords and leverage auto location to find jobs near you.
  • Job Search Organizer – This iPhone app (also works with iPad) not only lets you search for jobs, but also keeps you organized. The app leverages the job board for job search and also lets you keep details of your job search (recruiters, companies, and jobs). You can also track the progress of a job app

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Good luck in your search.

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