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Why Everyone Needs a Cover Letter

Why everyone needs a cover letter is a most debatable question. The answer to this question may differ among people searching for jobs and employers wanting to hire. However, if one knows the importance of a cover letter in a job search, he/she will surely agree that a cover letter indeed is the necessary document to showcase one’s skills and qualification for the applied job.

Just imagine a situation, where you want to apply for a job to the company that you have always dreamed of working with. Now, how will you make the hiring manager of that company know about your interest as well as to show that you are suitable for the job? Of course, you will mail or post your resume to the company, but is there any guarantee the manager will read it?

Your resume will have the details about your work history, educational qualifications and even job objectives, but the hiring managers will find it difficult to relate it with the job requirements. Moreover, you can’t customize or change your resume every time you’re applying for a job, neither will you be able to express your interest and introduce yourself through the resume. You need something that can express your interest and introduce you to the potential employers.

This is where the cover letter comes in. Cover letter is the right weapon in your arsenal to solve the purposes of expressing interest along with introducing yourself. When you are applying for the job, there are hundreds of people competing for the same job. There are also fewer chances of every resume or application being read by the recruiters. Now, what will make the recruiters pick up the phone and call you for an interview? It’s your cover letter that will prompt the readers for further action, provided you have written it impressively.

Remember, when employers try to fill up the vacant position, they usually don’t have enough time or can afford to waste in searching the right match for the job. All they look out for is to find a better reason to read your resume. They search for something that can help them understand your suitability for the job’s position, convince them to call you for a personal meeting, and to know how you can contribute your share in the success of the business.

You can answer all these concerns of the hiring employers by writing a cover letter. Cover letter will help you in explaining them how you can match and fulfill the job’s requirement through your skills and experiences. In addition, It will help you in fetching an interview call, which you could use it in describing your contributions for the company.

Hence, cover letter is needed to achieve the most important goal of your job search—an interview. Furthermore, it is needed to show the employers’ on how you can fulfill their job requirements. Next time, whenever you are trying for a job, don’t forget to send your cover letter with the resume.

Author Byline:  Hi I am Jennifer Louis from USA. I am a writer and love to write articles and blogs on career, jobs, sample cover letters, and resumes.

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