Juggling Jobs May Lead to a Career

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Have you ever thought of a career as being just one job? While this is probably ideal for a lot of people, the idea is not set in stone (at least I don’t think so). Along the way to a career, you might find yourself doing part-time or freelance work. As a result, you could develop a more attractive skill set to employers and determine where you want to spend most of your time working.

Consider the following tips to manage a career with multiple jobs:

Think about how you’ll respond when someone asks what you do– Talk about the skills you possess that can offer benefits. This is how you add value.

Find a steady part-time gig (job) you can depend on– While you may have multiple jobs, you need at least one that provides a steady income. Freelancers usually establish themselves this way.

Plant seeds for different parts of your career– Share your skills/interests whenever possible, for example, by getting an internship or by volunteering. From those experiences, job opportunities may arise.

Juggling jobs to develop a career is not for everyone, but is an option for those who don’t want to limit themselves in the workplace. It can not only increase your opportunities for income, but provide a change of pace that some full-time jobs may not allow.



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