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Is There Such a Thing as Resume Overexposure?

The Wall Street Journal Online and its partner recently published an article stating that distributing your resume too much can actually be harmful to your job search efforts. You can find that article here. It almost seems counterintuitive to state that being “out there” too much could hurt your marketability, but the experts quoted in the article make a great point (forewarning here, I’m also quoted in the article, but bear with me as I indulge …).

The article made several points I believe are worth sharing:

  • -Be consistent (a targeted job search is better than just throwing a bunch of stuff on the wall and seeing what sticks).
  • -Track where you post your resume (a great tool for keeping track of your job search and my personal favorite is
  • -Avoid working with too many recruiters, especially locally (many agencies are competing for the same opportunities, and working with more than one for the same position can jeopardize your chances).
  • -Don’t just post your resume to any old site that claims to be a “job board”.

These are for your personal protection and for the well-being of your job search. So before you haphazardly blast hundreds of resumes out onto the Internet or think that quantity is better than quality, it’s best to reconsider. Make the most of your job search by sending out only targeted resumes to the most relevant positions; know where your resume is posted and who you’re sending it to; choose one recruiter/head hunter you trust and stick with them. Do your due diligence, and be wary of online job boards; make sure you’re posting your resume at a legitimate site.

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