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Manage Your Time More Effectively To Boost Job Leads

If you are in job search then you may quickly discover that you will need to start managing information and time more effectively. Whether you apply for twenty jobs in a month or a hundred jobs in one month, you will need to maximize your time and resources to help you to optimize job leads and interview possibilities. During a job search we often focus on managing our resumes and the positions we apply for.  But are there other aspects of our jobs search that require equal attention? Below are a few thoughts on how to improve upon a few key job hunting resources that will help you to boost your job hunting efforts.

Resume Access:  Create a folder on your PC or Notebooks where you can quickly access copies of your resume. If you keep multiple copies of a resume for different types of positions, then name the resumes with a short title that will help you to immediate identify the type of position you desire to submit this resume to. If you have a smart phone that can store, display or electronically submit one of your resumes, then it would be a good idea to transfer your resumes into a folder on your smart phone or portal tablet. For example, if you were going on a job interview and a recruiter called and requested a copy of your resume to send to a hiring manager – you would be prepared to act instantly. Always remember to print a few copies on, heavy stock paper 24-32 lb, to pass out directly to a hiring manager or recruiter.

Job Lead Tracking:  Create a list of the jobs leads that you have identified or applied for. Track the leads by the company name, the job contact, the source of the lead and the date when you applied. You can create a list on a writing pad or use an application like MS Excel. You may also consider adding a rating of 1-5 for each position. Rating your job leads can help you sort and prioritize your time by those jobs that are a good fit and are likely to lead to an offer. Organizing your information into a personal database will help you to more effectively use your time and budget your resources. Having a job lead database will help you to avoid submitting your resume to the same company position and job contact more than once.

Event Management:  Track your job interviews and job search meeting in a calendar. Consider using a pocket calendar, a table calendar, an organizer or even on our smart phone. An important benefit of the calendar is to remind you of the interview date and time. You can also use your calendar to execute your job search more effectively. For example, attempt to schedule in-person job interviews that are close in proximity on the same day. If you are visiting a company onsite, try to schedule additional job search activities around the visit. Perhaps there is a recruiter that you can stop in on and visit on the same day. Perhaps you can schedule an informational interview around a visit to a new company contact.

Follow Up:  Do remember to send a thank you note after a job interview. This is very important as these thank you notes can set you apart from the other people who have applied for the same post with the same level of work experience, training and qualifications. One should send the thank you note on the same afternoon as the interview. If you wait for three or more days, it becomes valuable to the job contact.

Best wishes on your job hunt.

By: D. Lawton

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