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Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody” – Mark Twain

I typically cover all of the good stuff. You know, how to have the best resume, the best companies to work for, the best job search sites. What about the bad stuff? What about “what not to do”? As a hiring manager, I’ve seen my share of bad interviewees, poorly written resumes and stuff I can’t even write about. As a job hunter, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. But the “dark side” of job search is also about what to avoid. The telltale signs that an opportunity is not all it is cracked up to be. Today’s post is about all of that (and more!).

  • The Dark Side of Consulting Careers – Have you considered consulting? Sounds like a really good career, but have you researched the negative aspects. This article, published on Randomwok.com, does just that. Covering Work Life Balance, Travel, Staffing and more. While many people have been consultants their entire career (and could not love it more), many more get into consulting only to discover it is not for them. Take a look at this article if you were considering consulting as a career.
  • The Dark Side of Being Self Employed – Many people, myself included, dream about “being their own boss” or owning their own business. What could be better? Like everything in life, there are good points and bad points to being self employed. So, before you go out and start your own business, take a look at this article from SteveScottSite.com. It’s a great story, and it raised some points that you may not have thought about.
  • What Not To Do When Job Searching – This article is by Alison Doyle (from About.com) and it is a good read. Of course, non of us starts out trying to “not get hired”, but some of us don’t always have the best sense when it comes to job search etiquette.  The article is somewhat short, but it is followed by a wealth of related links (like Follow the Rules and Interview Etiquette.
  • Scams & Schemes in Work and Employment Services – One of the best sites for tons of job search resources is the Riley Guide. If it’s related to job search, they’ve got it. This article is a case in point. As with everything on the Internet, for every legitimate topic there is probably several scams out there as well. From asking for a utility bill to fake jobs, this article provides a very large list of scams that are out there (just when you thought it was safe to job search!). Payment forwarding, “executive marketing” and work at home scams. Take a very careful read of this article before you get scammed.
  • Top 10 Paranormal Jobs – I was worried that my job might show up on this list, but I guess that financial services doesn’t qualify yet. So, if you want a different type of job where you can use your ESP or other paranormal powers, this is the article for you. From Ghost Walks to “become a paranormal hunter”, there is lots of interesting stuff for those who are bored telling fortunes at parties (wait a minute, that’s one as well). Yeah, I know, if you are really a psychic you don’t need to read this article because you already know. It you are like me, then take a read.

Good luck in your search.

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